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Whether you're moving up or scaling down, parting with your current home can evoke a range of emotions and expectations. You might be eager to move on, or perhaps you're still coming to terms with the decision. One thing is definite: I'm here to lead you through the home selling journey with attentiveness, empathy, and a commitment to exceptional service. My efficient strategy revolves around finding ways for you to maximize your earnings while minimizing any potential obstacles along the path.

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Our 5 Step Process

01. Get in Touch

Even if you're just considering a future sale, it's a smart move to make contact sooner rather than later. We can explore your objectives through a phone call, a Zoom meeting, or even arrange a coffee meetup.

02. Prepare It

To maximize your home's selling price, it's essential to present it in the best possible light. We'll offer guidance on listing preparations, including cleaning, decluttering, painting, and staging, to help you achieve this goal.

03. Advertise It

Even if you're just considering a future sale, it's a prudent decision to make early contact. We can have a conversation about your objectives over the phone, through a Zoom call, or arrange to meet in person for a coffee.

04. Show It

Once your home is listed, be prepared for inquiries to start pouring in. We'll initiate the process of arranging showings and negotiating offers until you've successfully entered into a contract.

05. Sell It

After the appraisal, inspection, and walkthroughs have been finalized, you're in the final countdown towards the closing day and your official move-out date.

Lender Team

Unless you intend to make a cash payment, you'll require a lender team to grant loan approval. We happen to have connections with some excellent ones.

Home Inspection

But is a home inspection truly necessary? The unequivocal answer is yes! Enjoy peace of mind with an expert who is well-versed in identifying crucial details.

Closing Team

While they may appear similar, this aspect differs from financing. Collaborate with our trusted attorneys for the most seamless closing process.

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It took him two weeks to get my home listed and offer accepted for what we wanted.

Reta P

McDonough GA

He walked us through a process that was intimidating but made it so simple. Thank you Vee...

Jen T

Alpharetta, GA

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